Gayle Tucker Youth Annex Info


IS NOW OPEN!!!!!!!!!





Financial Updates:

Thank you to everyone who continues to support this project financially. Your generous giving is propelling us closer to paying off the Gayle Tucker Youth Annex!

Monthly Updates

Total raised in September - $27,180.07

Total raised in August - $34, 926

Total raised in July - $29, 961

Total raised in June - $48, 280

Total raised in May - $ 45, 201

Total raised in April - $ 115, 433

Total raised in March - $181,863

Total raised in February - $203,180

Total raised in January - $29,923

Building Fund Cash

Total raised for the building fund - $1,803,229


Support The Project:

For many people, it was hard to imagine that this day would finally arrive and that we would finally have our much needed Youth Annex. 

It is not too late to join and become a part of the Legacy. If you would like to give to the Gayle Tucker Youth Annex project go to www.arlingtonadventist.com/give and give today.

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Donor Wall:

If you have given $500 between October 2014 & February 28, 2018, you are eligible to have your name placed on the GTYA Donor Wall. If you submit your information in the following form before February 28, your donation will be confirmed and your name will be submitted to the engraver for inclusion on the wall. 



Any questions can be directed to Alix Ehrhardt at