Gayle Tucker Youth Annex Info

Welcome! Here you will find the latest building campaign information from financial updates to facility impacts during construction.

Financial Updates:

April Note: We received the first installment of $50, 000 from the Union!

Monthly Updates

Total raised in March - $181,863

Total raised in February - $203,180

Total raised in January - $29,923

Building Fund Cash

Total raised for the building fund - $1,516,484

Construction Updates:

What goes up, must be poured

This week April 17 - 21, the construction crew made some big strides. The chain walls were poured, plumbing was reconnected and the elevator pit was finished and poured. Soon our kids will be using that very elevator to go to and from their Sabbath School classes! We are thanking God for all His goodness to us!

Facility Impacts:


This week there isn't any big things to note about the facility, although the plumbing has been reconnected and that means that the restrooms on the south side of the building can be used this week. We consider that a win!

If you need handicapped parking there are several bays on the east side of the building. Our amazing Pastors have also kindly offered up their parking bays to the elderly and handicapped. We encourage you to come and worship with us this coming Sabbath, please do not let the construction deter you from joining your family in worship. We have much to be thankful for.

Support The Project:

For many people it was hard to imagine that this day would finally arrive and that we would finally have our much needed Youth Annex. Well, the day has arrived, we have broken ground, we have demolished and our new annex is well on its way. We hope that the start of construction has brought about a sense of excitement for you as it has with the ministry leaders and church leadership!

It is not too late to join and become a part of the Legacy. If you would like to give to the Gayle Tucker Youth Annex project go to www.arlingtonadventist.com/give and give today.

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