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YG Highlight Offering 2018

YG Highlight Offering • May 26th

In generous support of our church's vibrant young adult ministry, we're inviting everyone to give extra to Younger Generation Church [YG] on Saturday, May 26th.

All loose offerings will go to YG; In addition, we want to invite you to consider becoming a sustaining investor in next generations, by giving online a consistent weekly/monthly donation. It's simple to set up automated giving to YG online, http://www.arlingtonadventist.com/give/


It's tempting to think of Younger Generation Church purely for the worship experience Sabbath mornings, however YG's mission compels this ministry to be so much more.

YG is Developing Young Leaders

Younger Generation Church serves as a leadership laboratory where next generations are afforded great opportunities to lead in ministry, in their community, and beyond. YG believes in investing in young people as they develop skills and vision to shape and transform culture.

An example of this is our partnership with Burton Adventist Academy this past Spring to bring academy student leaders to the Catalyst Conference, a national leadership training event.

Your offerings and support of YG help us develop young leaders.


YG is Cultivating World Changers

Beyond being a blessing to our community, YG aspires to transform our world. Last year, YG partnered with Form Kids, Burton Adventist Academy, and Southwestern Adventist University to support a Stop Hunger Now packing party. The service experience offered all ages the opportunity, side by side, to roll up their sleeves, don hair nets, and help families in need.

This Fall, YG is excited to partner with Pathway to Health as it arrives in Fort Worth to provide health care and array of compassionate services to those most in need in our community.

Your offerings and support of YG help us cultivate world changers.


YG is Sharing Christ Jesus Everywhere

YG has partnered with our media ministry to share the Gospel via several media platforms including Facebook LIVE. Weekly, our worship experience is viewed in hundreds of locations around the world.

"Watched service online after being invited by Pastor Allan Martin. That service was communion and I have to say. . . that was the best, most memorable, enlightening service of humility I experienced in my life. My 12 yr old daughter enjoyed it as well. All the way from Montreal Canada I felt welcomed, engaged and saw love, fellowship, and a community that believes in doing it right. Praying up your ministry." --Roen Higgins, Montreal, Canada

Your offerings and support of YG help us share Christ Jesus everywhere.


Yes, YG is a worship experience to which all ages are welcome to join in, Saturdays, 10:15AM [Central]. And thanks to your faithful support, Younger Generation Church is so much more.

Younger Generation Church [YG] is the vibrant young adult ministry of the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. YG's mission is to deepen the devotion of next generations to Christ Jesus through:

  • Pursuing INTIMACY with GOD
  • Experiencing COMMUNITY with each other
  • Inspiring those around us with the Hope of GRACE
Discover more about YG at ygchurch.com
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I once heard my mother give her testimony at a women’s breakfast. If you were to know my mom, you would know that she doesn’t like to share much about anything to people she knows, much less people she doesn’t know, so this was a huge step for mankind. My mother began to share her life as a single parent and the burdens that she had carried through most of her young adult life. To be quite honest, I was shocked at how vulnerable she presented herself as she shared her life with these women. She shared with them the challenge of providing her newborn son a future without the support of a husband. It was hard for my mom to deal with the fact that her situation reflected what some people might call a statistic. As a young mother, she made the decision of handing over the reigns to God. In sharing her story my mother said something that I will probably, most likely, will never forget. She said, “ I know that my son is who he is, not because of what I have done, but because God claimed him as his own.”

I find it hard to commit myself to things I don’t have control over. It seems smarter to avoid the unknown and keep going until I find something I can fully control but when I read scriptures like Matthew 6, Jesus literally challenges me to do the opposite of what I naturally want to do, even though what I want to do is the best option that I see. What I saw throughout my childhood was a mother who dedicated herself to providing her son a Christ centered outlook on life. She was faithful in her walk with Christ even though the road was unknown. Now I am a 21 year old college student who is walking his own path with Christ, but I am thankful for the example my mother set in being faithful in her situation every single day.  I have come to understand that in walking with Jesus, everyday requires faith because it is how we will taste and see that He is good.

In John 2, Jesus uses the most unlikely people to bring life to what seemed like an impossible situation. There was a very important wedding with guests that needed drinks but the jars had ran dry. In wanting to save the wedding, Jesus’ mother calls to him and leaves him some servants to help him out. For some reason, instead of praying over the jars himself Jesus decides to use the servants his mother left with him to take part in his first miracle. In John 2:6, he asks the servants to fill the jars up with water and they fill each jar to the brim. After they did so, the water was taken to the wedding master and the rest is history. What I love about this story is the faithfulness the servants had in their task at hand. Filling jars with water is a process, especially when you have 6 jars that hold twenty to thirty gallons each; With no questions asked they filled each jar and filled them to the brim. They had no idea what Jesus was going to do, but they were faithful in filling them nonetheless.

Just like the filling of jars is a process, our life is a process. Every day is a new opportunity to step into the task at hand and do it faithfully. Whether it be like my mother’s task of raising me, or my task of graduating college, Jesus has invited us to have faith in him so that we may taste and see for ourselves that He really is good. Just like the servants had no idea what the outcome of their task would be, we don’t always see the things we want, but faith in Jesus allows us to walk beyond our own expectations into the blessings he has promised. I choose to put my faith in God first because I trust his leading. It is my desire to be faithful like the servants, and be a part of God’s miracles.

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Welcome to the blog of Younger Generation Church.  We deepen our devotion to Christ Jesus as we experience community with each other.  Follow us as we follow HIM.

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