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YG: Cultivating Faith-filled Disciples of Jesus and Young Spiritual Leaders

YG Church offers an exceptional opportunity for next generations to deepen their devotion to Christ Jesus and hone leadership skills as they aspire to transform our world. Giving some examples, we'll use the Growing Young core commitments as a framework for some illustrations.

Unlock Keychain Leadership

Our church leadership entrusts young people with access and authority, and empower all generations, including youth and young adults, with their own metaphorical “set of keys” to help influence and shape the direction of the entire church.

This past Spring, YG Church partnered with Burton Adventist Academy to provide student leaders with exceptional leadership training and development at the Catalyst Conference.

Empathize with Today's Young People

Our church family is committed to walk alongside next generations. This means “feeling with young people” as they grapple with existential questions of identity, belonging, and purpose; as they experience “systemic abandonment” due to divorce and the self-absorbed adults around them; and as they act out a desire for connection through social media.

Through various inter-generational LIFEgroups and specialty gatherings like DFW 1:1, held last Fall, YG Church intentionally builds relationships where the stories and experiences of next generations are valued and prayed over. 

Take Jesus' Message Seriously

In our church, “Jesus reigns over poor theology and His words ring true for young sojourners hungry for life-giving direction.” At YG Church, we believe that Jesus needs to be at the very center of all that we do and aspire to be. We too affirm the goal shared by a Growing Young interviewee, “The goal for our church is not really effectiveness with young people, but serving and following Jesus. And young people like me are attracted to churches that want to do that.”

Every YG sermon series and young adult gathering is especially curated to give emphasis to Christ Jesus, His power, His mission, and the transformative relationship He offers. The Heart Of Jesus, served as the theme and focus of last Fall's young adult gathering, DFW 1:1.

Fuel Warm Community

“Warm is the new cool” in our church, where authenticity triumphs over worship style or a multitude of programs. We resonate with what next generations affirm in YG church as “warm” attributes, such as welcoming, belonging, accepting, hospitable, and caring.

We see YG Church as an integral part of the larger Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church family. We see powerful value in every generation building authentic relationships across the ages as we live in vibrant community.

Our intention is to build long lasting, authentic relationships that transcend Sabbath morning. Especially when it comes to young people, we want to surround them with respectful, meaningful, warm relationships.

Prioritize Young People & Families Everywhere

Our church has a long history of the prioritization of young people—an impulse that, rather than excluding older generations, breathes life into our entire congregation. As one pastor put it, “Everyone rises when you focus on young people.” Involving young people in every ministry has allowed our church to thrive with authenticity and intergenerational relationships.

The Gayle Tucker Youth Annex, YG Church, UG Youth, Form Kids, Burton Adventist Academy, Adventist Christian Fellowship at UTA, and Club Ministries, are among a large array of evidences exhibiting the strong emphasis on young people and families at Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Be The Best Neighbors

In our desire to be a compassionate faith community, our church accepts the challenging task of offering young people a thoughtful path to neighboring well. YG Church provides opportunities for next generations to serve others, pursue social justice, find their calling, interact with popular culture, and respond to inter-cultural issues.

Last Spring, YG Church partnered with Form Kids, Burton Adventist Academy, and Southwestern Adventist University to support a Stop Hunger Now packing party. The service experience offered all ages the opportunity, side by side, to roll up their sleeves, don hair nets, and help families in need.

Deepening our Devotion to Christ Jesus

Since 2004, Younger Generation Church has cultivated a meaningful environment of worship, fellowship, and mission for next generations. Our vision is for YG to overflow Jesus beyond our four walls, blessing our community, transforming our world.

As we approach YG's fifteenth anniversary, the passion that sparked our young adult ministry continues to burn bright as next generations follow God's lead in our world and beyond.

The Young Heart of Worship from Arlington Adventist Church on Vimeo.

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#GYA Season of Prayer

All Generations. Pray as one.

We invite you to a personal season of prayer as we aspire to grow the vitality and vibrancy of our church. The desire to reach all generations, younger and older, cannot be accomplished by good aspirations, but by the power and might of the Trinity, in prayer. Let’s spend the next seven days in conversation with Christ, asking for the Holy Spirit to bring this Scripture to fruition:

“In the last days, God says,
I will pour my Spirit on everyone.
Your sons and daughters will speak what God has revealed.
Your young men will see visions.
Your old men will dream dreams.
In those days
I will pour my Spirit on my servants, on both men and women.
They will speak what God has revealed.” –Acts 2:17-18 [GW] 

We’re praying for all our young people—children through young adults—and for those with whom God has trusted them, our parents through senior adults.

It is the heartfelt desire of our whole church to unleash the spiritual passion of young people, empower the ministry legacy of the faithful and the wise—All for the sake of GOD's glory in our generation.

#GrowingYoungAdventists • GrowingYoungAdventists.com 

To augment our week of prayer, you can also sign up to receive daily reminders from Fuller Youth Institute: https://goo.gl/pgW9Lq
*The #GYA Prayer Guide is adapted from the Fuller Youth Institute’s Praying Young email series.

Day Seven: ALWAYS



Day Four: GIFTS

Day Three: ONE


Day One: DREAM


Download #GYA Prayer Guide 


#GrowingYoungAdventists is part of an array of resources from Young Adult Life 
helping us love next generations well. YoungAdultLife.com
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YG University [YGU] is our endeavor to be a life-long learning community of disciples, seeking to deepen the Christ-centered devotion of next generations, beyond the contours of Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church.

YGU aspires to be of benefit to the larger sphere of young adult ministry development across the Adventist landscape. We pray to be a blessing to many others and we are excited for the learning opportunities it will offer us as well.


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