Arlington LIFEGroups

The Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church offers several options to participate in community ranging from Bible studies, to sports to personal enrichment. We believe that life is better when we live it together.
  • Younger Generation [young adults]
  • Women's Bible Study
  • Men's Bible Study
  • Adult Sabbath School Classes (Sabbath Morning)
  • Topical Bible Studies
  • Sport Groups (church members only)

Younger Generation LIFEgroups

Although led and organized by young adults, YG LIFEgroups are open to anyone eager to deepen their devotion to Christ Jesus by experiencing community with each other.

[truth] LINK

This January, launch into the new year with daily devotionals using [truth] LINK lessons each day. Discover that GOD is more beautiful than you've ever imagined. Register free at truthlink.org and start today. YG would encourage you to consider doing this study as a LIFEgroup at a pace you all can regularly meet. If you would prefer hardcopy booklets, come by Pastor Allan's office to pick up a set.

Social Point

Social Point is dedicated to all students and young professionals offering a social gathering of Christ-followers to help strengthen and encourage each other to spread the Good News of Jesus. Social Point meets the 1st & 3rd Saturdays at 11:45am in Room 8 at Younger Generation Church. Find them on Facebook, and sign up for their newsletter.

YG Devotionals

Prior to Younger Generation Church, everyone is welcome to join our YG Worship team in the Green Room [Room 17] to spend time together in the Word and prayer, 9:15AM, Sabbath morning. For more information contact Jameson Francis, YG Music Director < >.


For Women

Women of the Word

We meet the 1st Monday of the month at 7pm. For more information contact Danae Gilliam at  All ladies welcome!

For Men

Men of Valor

This group meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm at the Wassell home. For more information contact Brett Wassell at  

For Everyone

Tuesdays with God

Meet us every Tuesday at 6:30pm! Contact Judy Wilson if you would like to be a part of our study.  

Intercessory Prayer Lifegroup

If you have a passion for prayer, please join us. We can never have enough prayer warriors. We meet at 9am on Sabbath morning in room 10. Contact Sarah Jane Raffety at  

Sundown Sessions

Join us for great music, fellowship, and a contemporary look at the Bible and how it relates to us today. Join us on Friday night at 8pm. Contact Bogdan Kuchurivskyy at  


(Sabbath School classes take place on a Saturday morning from 10:15am - 11:15am Sabbath School Quarterly's will no longer be available at the welcome desk. You can however,  purchase it or download and print it from http://www.absg.adventist.org/Standard.htm )

OUT THERE - Lead by Tim Whitley  

Located in the Fellowship Hall the Out there class is a discussion and study based group with a scholarly flavor. We cover scripture along with contemporary issues. We seek to equip ourselves as Christians for life "out there" in the world. 

OPEN DOOR - Lead by Vennor Hackshaw   

This interactive study class for couples and singles is located in room 11. We learn how to become contagious Christians and make Jesus part of our daily lives. 

SPANISH CLASS - Lead by Reyna & Jose Gamon  

This class is located in room 6 and is a general review of the Spanish Sabbath School lesson for members and non-members as we share different points of view and experiencing God's love.

GILLAN/PERRYMAN CLASS - Lead by Earnie Pyle  

This class is located in room 7 and is open to adults of all ages asking the questions: "What does the lesson tell me about the character of God?" and "How does this lesson apply to us today?"

THE ROUND TABLE - Lead by Sarah Jane Raffety  

Located in Room 8 this discussion type class focuses on recognizing that the Holy Spirit speaks through each of His people in a unique way, allowing freedom to grow in our understanding of the Bible and its relevance to us today. 

ADULT FELLOWSHIP CLASS - Lead by Gary Herman  

This class is located in room 9 and encourages you to Come & See - The Ministry of Jesus. Study with us as we take a fresh look at our Savior's ministry with an in-depth journey through the most amazing event in history. This will be a year-long study as we follow His footsteps.

INTERNATIONAL CLASS - Lead by Doreen Barnes  

This class is located in room 10 and consists of a diverse group of people from nations around the world. The class discusses different perspectives about the lesson and everyone's thoughts and expressions are respected. The main focus is always Jesus Christ.

NEW MEMBERS CLASS - Lead by Ginger McCurry  

This class designed for new church members is located in room 17/Green Room. It is an informal setting where new members can discuss their new found faith in Christ as well as Seventh-day Adventist Christians.


Contact Pastor Allison [ ] to receive your access email today!

SPORT GROUPS (Church Members Only)

Women's Volleyball

This group meets on Sundays, 5:00-7:00pm at the Burton Adventist Academy Hayes Gym. This group is for church members 18 and up. For more information please contact Connie at  

Men's Basketball

Join us on Sunday's, 7:00-9:00pm at the Burton Adventist Academy Hayes Gym. This group is for church member 18 and up. There is a $3.00 charge. For more information contact Charles Cherry at

Men's Floor Hockey

Meet with this group on Sunday's, 9:00-10:00pm at the Burton Adventist Academy Hayes Gym. This is exclusively for church members 18 and up. For more information please contact Genesis at  


If you have considered starting a life group but have not been sure where to start contact Pastor Tom Grove for FREE access to RightNow Media, a gigantic media library with all sorts of Bible Study, Lifegroup, and leadership resources for you to use, share, and experience with others. If you have not received your access email, contact Pastor Tom at  and he will get it to you right away.