Pathfinder Wolves

The Arlington Wolves are the local church chapter of the Pathfinders Club.

Pathfinder Mission

The mission of the Arlington Pathfinder Wolves is to nurture the spiritual, physical, academic, moral and cultural development of the Youth of the Arlington Adventist Church. 

Pathfinder Volunteer Programs

Pathfinder volunteers serve as advocates, mentors, and friends to children and adults in the local community. Pathfinder volunteers create links with the many untapped resources in the community and provide a one-stop resource for the clients we served.

What is involved in Volunteering for Pathfinders?

We need volunteers who like to work with people. This may be supporting users with the computers or it may be helping a group to produce a poster or newsletter. It could also include making cups of tea and coffee! 

Pathfinders needs people who can be relied upon to make a regular commitment of at least one meeting, one day a month.

We want people who would feel comfortable working in an open, friendly and, occasionally, busy environment.

What skills do I need to work as a Volunteer? 

We have volunteers with a wide range of skills and experience; we are not necessarily looking for computer, camping, or leader experts. 

We need people who can relate to other people and can empathize with what they are feeling. Many of our present volunteers are relatively new to Pathfinders and we actively encourage the inclusion of everyone, by offering on-going formal and informal training. 

What would I get out of volunteering for Pathfinders? 

Volunteering with Pathfinders can help you practice and develop your 'people' and related skills. We have a great variety of people coming to us both as staff and volunteers; you would be part of a valued team of people who have a common interest in teaching our youth, who want to use their skills and experience for the benefit of others. You could also develop skills in other areas eg disability awareness, video conferencing, marketing and promotion.

As a Pathfinder volunteer, you could: 

* Make new friends 

* Get some work experience  

* Have some fun

* Pass on your skills 

* Help other people 

Information Request Form

Information Request Form